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There are those who create to kill time. Others use it as an outpouring of the soul, with the intention to create something that is timeless. This sentiment rings especially true for Florida-based artist ether.UNLIMITED, who is set on creating a lasting impact via his genre-defying blend of Hip-Hop/Trap.


Although genre-fluid throughout his productions, ether.UNLIMITED's music leans

towards Hip-Hop and Trap due to the influence of his street surroundings. While his cryptic lyricism is engulfed by cerebral wordplay that surrounds his spiritual knowledge, ether.UNLIMITED is intent on spitting his truth throughout. Music acts as a beacon that encourages us to ignore limitations and pursue our full potential as human beings.



After initially writing poetry as a child as a way to break out of his social awkwardness, ether.UNLIMITED made friends that were into music, specifically Reggaeton. They went on to introduce him to the processes of recording, releasing music, and performing live. Now the owner of his own music studio, his motivation to achieve greatness is higher than ever. For him, it’s not just for accolades and money, but for the chance to affect positive change.


Having supported the likes of Juicy J, Mobb Deep, The Lox, Travis Scott, Travie McCoy (Gym Class Heroes), and Pastor Troy, ether.UNLIMITED is also part of collaborative music groups such as Pangea Gang and SEGWAE. Next up is the release of his new  album, "Wanderer in the Oasis"

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